Senior Member Specialty Tracks

Administrative 1tech

Administrative Officer Specialty Track

Administrative officers are responsible for ensuring the proper preparation and management of forms and correspondence.

Aerospace Education 1tech

Aerospace Education Officer Specialty Track

Implements the Aerospace Education program. Some of the duties include: overseeing the aerospace education portion of the cadet and senior member programs, ensuring cadet orientation flights are taking place (coordinate with DO and DCP), facilitate weekly aerospace current events discussion, work with the activities officer to plan enrichment activities for the cadets and senior members.

Cadet Programs 1tech

Cadet Programs Officer Specialty Track

The goal of the Cadet Programs Officer Specialty Track program is to prepare senior members to lead cadets and manage cadet programs at the squadron and then wing level.


Chaplain Specialty Track

CAP chaplains function in an environment that includes diverse faith groups, agnostics and atheists. Frequently, this is a new dimension for a clergy person who, in civilian life, lives and works mostly with those of shared beliefs and practices. To be a chaplain to all CAP members means to be faithful to one's own beliefs and traditions, and equally supportive and respectful of other traditions and beliefs. In constitutional terms, CAP chaplains embody both the "free exercise" and the "establishment" clauses of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Character Development 1tech

Character Development Instructor Specialty Track

In survey after survey, cadets say that the #1 factor affecting their cadet experience is the quality of their adult leadership. No cadet unit can succeed without outstanding adult leadership from a team of cadet programs officers. This specialty track guide helps prepare members to be effective leaders and instructors in the character development field.


Command Specialty Track

Before entering into the Command Track several prerequisites must be accomplished: • Must have been a senior member for at least 1 year AND be a CAP officer. • Complete Level II of the CAP Professional Development program • Be recommended by the unit commander and accepted by the wing commander. • Be assigned a mentor by the wing commander.

Communicattions Officer Specialty Track

Manage and direct communications activities to include development and implementation of communications plans, programs, and directives. Coordinate communications plans and programs with other staff agencies and with subordinate and higher headquarters.

Emergency Services 1tech

Emergency Services Officer Specialty Track

In today’s Civil Air Patrol the Emergency Services Officer may manage staff, coordinate training and response programs, interface with other staff officers or representatives of other agencies, develop policies and procedures necessary to ensure mission safety and accomplishment, and be involved in the develop and implement operations plans, programs and directives.

Finance 1tech

Financial Management Officer Specialty Track

Financial Officers assist the commander and finance committee in support of all CAP missions. The Financial Officer helps to develop sound financial practices and oversight of all unit assets. Fundamental knowledge of the following is essential: Duties and tasks associated with CAP’s squadron positions, basic accounting terms and procedures, appropriate internal controls, committee meeting procedures, basic budgeting, CAP-specific accounting procedures, and fundraising rules and reporting requirements.

Historian 1tech

Historian Officer Specialty Track

The Historian Officer assists the Commander on all historical matters, implements a unit historical program, and collects and preserve material of historical significance. The Historian Officer is expected to be familiar with the CAP History Program, including applicable regulations and pamphlets, and with professional historical standards and requirements.

Information Technology 1tech

Information Technology Officer Specialty Track

The IT Officer assists the commander in generating performance data from available systems and managing all IT related activities and programs. The IT Officer is responsible for operational security (OPSEC), information security (INFOSEC), virus definition, appropriate software updates, network administration and support, and support for all approved hardware/software.

Inspector General 1tech

Inspector General Officer Specialty Track

The Inspector General Officer is responsible for assisting, developing, and managing IG programs. This includes CAP’s complaint investigations and subordinate unit inspections (SUI) program.


Legal Officer Specialty Track

Civil Air Patrol is the client of each and every attorney assigned as a legal officer. The Legal Officer is to provide advice and counsel to the unit command, know the legal officer chain of command, understand that the CAP Corporation is the client not the individual members or command of CAP, and possess a basic knowledge of the CAP publications and directives.

Logistics 1tech

Logistics Officer Specialty Track

Logistics Officers manage personnel, equipment, and goods so the squadron can complete its missions.

Operations 1tech

Operations Officer Specialty Track

The Operations Officer is a manager of staff, a coordinator of programs, liaison with other staff agencies, developer of policies and procedures necessary to ensure mission safety and accomplishment, and the developer and implementer of operations plans, programs and directives.

Personnel 1tech

Personnel Officer Specialty Track

The Personnel Officer is responsible for processing membership applications, confidential screening (FBI fingerprint cards), promotions, duty assignments, and award & decoration applications. They also learn and teach the proper wear instructions for the uniforms.

Professional Development 1tech

Professional Development Officer Specialty Track

The Professional Development Officer is responsible for identifying staff training and development needs, and for planning, organizing and overseeing appropriate training.

Public Affairs 1tech

Public Affairs Officer Specialty Track

The Public Affairs Officer is to advise the commander on public affairs matters, implement and manage the public affairs program and, assist in the establishment of training programs to help all members promote CAP within the community. Responsible for news releases, event promotions, public website development and maintenance, online presence management, member and member-family outreach, and responding to media requests.

Recruiting&Retention 1tech

Recruiting & Retention Officer Specialty Track

The overall goal of the Recruiting & Retention Officer is to persuade and ensure that membership in Civil Air Patrol is worthy of the prospective, active, and inactive member’s time and commitment. R&R could best be described as human resources, salesmanship, and career development counseling. The R&R Officer is responsible for finding and retaining qualified individuals to fill the needs of the unit and the organization.

Safety Officer Specialty Track

The Safety Officer is the commander's chief advisor regarding safety. The Safety Officer provides the information and assistance needed to maintain safety by surveying the unit for safety problems and having a well-documented and effective educational program.

Standardization/Evaluation Logo

Standardization/Evaluation Officer Specialty Track

The Standardization and Evaluation Officer (DOV) is expected to assist and perform the duties of a CAP Check Pilot, evaluate aircrew techniques and abilities using appropriate publications and checklists, and continually evaluate aircrew training procedures and techniques.

Specialty Track Program FAQ's

Specialty tracks were developed to allow senior members the opportunity to train and develop proficiency in areas of personal interest or in areas that are needed to support unit operations.

CAP Specialty Tracks are an integral part of Civil Air Patrol’s Professional Development program.  They provide a standard knowledge base for all CAP members at all levels.  This consistent foundation ensures the quality of training available through all CAP units nationwide.  This, in turn, allows members to perform the CAP missions required by the US Air Force. 

As members progress through knowledge and service requirements they will earn ratings in their specialty tracks.  As part of the Personal Development program members are required to earn specialty track ratings at three levels:

  • Level 1 – Technician
  • Level 2 – Senior
  • Level 3 – Master

The structure of the Specialty Track Program can be found in CAP Regulation 50-17, Senior Member Professional Development Program. 

To enroll in a specialty track, you must:

  • Be a CAP member in good standing
  • Have completed Level I of the Professional Development Program in accordance with CAPR 50-17
  • Be approved by your unit commander before enrollment

After reviewing the information provided in CAPR 50-17, Senior Member Professional Development Program regarding specialty tracks and considering the list of available specialty tracks, it is time to select tracks that are of personal interest to you.  Generally, the two most basic considerations are what your interests are related to your professional career experience or your specific hobbies or personal interests; and what is best for the unit.  You should try to identify at least two tracks that are of interest to you.

Each specialty track is assigned a code.  That code designates the specialty and also identifies which CAP pamphlet contains information about that track.

For example, the Cadet Programs Specialty Track is assigned code 60-11.  Therefore, information about the track and its ratings are found in CAP Pamphlet 60-11, Cadet Programs Officer Handbook and Specialty Track Guide.  The current specialty tracks and their codes are:

    • Administration  (CAPP205)
    • Aerospace Education  (CAPP215)
    • Cadet Programs  (CAPP60-11)
    • Chaplain  (CAPP221)
    • Character Development Instructor  (CAPP225)
    • Command  (CAPP222)
    • Communications (CAPP214)
    • Emergency Services (CAPP70-3)
    • Financial Management (CAPP202)
    • Historian  (CAPP223)
    • Information Technology  (CAPP227)
    • Inspector General  (CAPP40-20)
    • Legal  (CAPP219)
    • Logistics (CAPP206)
    • Operations (CAPP211)
    • Personnel  (CAPP200)   
    • Professional Development  (CAPP40-40)
    • Public Affairs  (CAPP201)
    • Recruiting and Retention  (CAPP226)
    • Standardization/Evaluation (CAPP212)
    • Safety  (CAPP217)

These are CAP pamphlets that outline your duties and what regulations and manuals you need to read. The pamphlets list what you need to do to become proficient in performing your duties to earn your ratings.

Because it is a pamphlet, it is instructional and informative in nature. Regulations and manuals on your reading list are directive in nature.

Each specialty track and study guide is a CAP Pamphlet (CAPP).  Each is listed by its number in CAPR 0-2, Index to Regulations, Manuals, Pamphlets, and Visual Aids.

The pamphlet number corresponds to the number before the specialty track and study guide’s name.
For example, the Specialty Track and Study Guide for Personnel is listed as CAPP 200 Personnel Civil Air Patrol Senior Member Program Specialty Track Study Guide.

Specialty tracks vary in time needed to reach the Technician rating.  The month after the needed time is up, the squadron Professional Development Report will be annotated in red ink indicating the specialty, the level, and the date of completion.  For example, Professional Development Technician 10/11/03.

The Squadron Commander signs the Professional Development Report and sends it to National Headquarters.  They update their computer.

Specialty Tracks requiring 6 months are:

    • 200 Personnel
    • 202 Finance
    • 204 Professional Development
    • 205 Administration
    • 206 Logistics
    • 210 Flight Operations
    • 211 Operations
    • 212 Standardization/Evaluation
    • 223 Historian
    • 225 Moral Leadership

Specialty Tracks requiring other than 6 months are:

    • 201 Public Affairs requires AFIADL 02010 and 12 months
    • 213 Emergency Services requires AFIADL 02130D and 12 months
    • 214 Communications requires FCC tests
    • 215 Aerospace Education Officer requires CAP 215 tests
    • 216 Cadet Programs requires 9 months
    • 217 Safety requires AFIADL Course 02170

Other requirements apply to:

    • 203 Inspector General
    • 219 Legal
    • 218 Plans and Programs
    • 220 Health Services
    • 221 Chaplain
    • 222 Commander