Senior Member Uniforms

Senior Member Uniforms

CAP’s philosophy is to provide a distinctive and standard set of uniform items that provide a positive public image of the Corporation, build esprit de corps, and enhance professionalism.

A significant representation of CAP’s organizational heritage, as well as CAP’s unique affiliation as the Auxiliary of the US Air Force (USAF), is the authorization for CAP members to wear CAP distinctive uniforms as well as uniforms similar to the US Air Force.  CAP uses distinctive emblems, insignia, and badges to identify individuals wearing the USAF-style uniforms as CAP members.

Civil Air Patrol Uniform Manual

This welcome booklet will provide some basic information on uniforms, member grades, awards, and the aircraft CAP uses.

The online Ribbon Rack Builder is a helpful way to determine the proper arrangement of your CAP awards, ribbons, and devices. 

Senior Member Uniform FAQ's

Wearing the USAF-style uniform is a privilege extended to CAP members who meet:

  • Weight standards (see CAPM 39-1, Attachment 2)
  • Grooming standards (see CAPM 39-1, paragraph 3.2)
  • and have completed Level 1 – Orientation 

Commanders and activity directors are expected to enforce these standards and ensure that members wearing USAF-style uniforms understand these requirements, accept personal responsibility for meeting these requirements, and are expected to provide remedial education and counseling if required.

CAP’s Corporate-style uniforms facilitate a professional image for members who choose not to or cannot wear the USAF-style uniform.  These uniforms are meant to complement, but not replace, the USAF-style uniform.  They facilitate member uniformity while neither imposing nor authorizing a military uniform substitute for the USAF-style uniform.  Corporate-style uniforms are simpler in design and cost is minimized by making most badges and devices optional for wear.

CAP Corporate Working Uniform


    • Dark blue knit shirt (long/short sleeves)
    • Medium Gray Pants
    • Black belt and buckle
    • Black socks (white socks may be worn with boots)
    • Any plain black shoe, boot or combat boot


    • Headgear is not required with this uniform combination; however, the CAP baseball cap may be worn.
    • Appropriate civilian outer garments are authorized as well as the black leather jacket, light blue windbreaker, blue flight jacket, black fleece and the USAF-style cardigan sweater.

See CAPM 39-1, Section 5.2.2 for specific instructions on types of shirts, pants, etc. and how items should be worn.