Aerospace Education

AngLegs Stem Kit

AngLegs Stem Kit (Aviation)

Cadets and students will become familiar with angles and move toward an exploration of angles, measurements, and figures while classifying these shapes. Youth will be introduced to flight dynamics, to include the three-dimensional angles of rotation about the center of gravity, known as pitch, roll, and yaw. Cadets and students will get hands-on experience with calculating angles and degrees, which will aid in planning aircraft destinations or measuring the trajectory of an aircraft.

Build & Learn Geometry Stem Kit

Build & Learn Geometry Stem Kit (Aviation)

Using the hands-on manipulatives and associated activity cards, youth will use geometric formulas to determine the best way to design and build frames, walls, and features that meet engineering specifications in designing aircraft, and, structures, such as airports/spaceports. Cadets and students can use the 3-D geometrical figures to determine the angles of attack involved in an airplaneā€™s flight path, as well as changes in altitude and/or speed or direction to prevent in-air collisions.

Cross Country Navigation Stem Kit

Cross Country Navigation Stem Kit (Aviation)

This kit will help prepare cadets and other youth for flight planning prior to any orientation flight and/or further flight experience. While working to obtain a private pilot license (certificate), cadets and students will become familiar with airplane performance, effects of weather, basic VFR sectional charts, chart symbols,and aircraft cruise performance.

Flight Simulator Stem Kit (Aviation)

The hands-on approach of the flight simulator is designed to spark an interest in aviation, especially for CAP cadets, ages 12 and above, who are given opportunities for orientation flights and flight training in CAP, especially in CAP's Youth Aviation Initiative. Due to the experience of CAP adult mentorship, a variety of flight planning options, as well as aviation careers, can be explored during participation with this kit.

Quadcopter Stem Kit (Aviation)

Youth can fly this remote-controlled quadcopter to learn more about the dynamics and forces of flight. While cadets and students are learning to navigate the skies, they will also become skilled in teamwork activities, eye-hand coordination, motor skills, and a variety of disciplines in and out of the classroom. Cadets and students can even experiment with simple modifications of the quadcopter to allow for drone racing and obstacle course flying.

Ready-to-Fly Quadcopter Stem Kit (Aviation)

Youth can fly this remote-controlled quadcopter to learn more about the dynamics and forces of flight. Learning to fly this quadcopter will give cadets and students the opportunity to explore the thrill of potential careers in small remotely-piloted aircraft (or small Unmanned Aerial Systems- sUASs). The Hubsan X4 Plus RTF Quadcopter STEM Kit is a tiny, handheld, ready-to-fly multi-rotor model that can be flown indoors. This kit is a completely pre-assembled Quadcopter. Cadets and students will become experts in operating the Quadcopter in record time. This quadcopter is fast, powerful, and suitable for racing.

Remote-Controlled Aircraft Stem Kit

Remote-Controlled Aircraft Stem Kit (Aviation)

Everything a young potential enthusiast will need to determine if a career in general aviation or either manned or unmanned aerial vehicles/systems will be provided in this kit. This kit is designed to promote a beginning interest in aviation and/or remotely-piloted aircraft vocations (careers) and avocations (hobbies). Cadets can train to fly this remote-controlled aircraft with the model airplanes and the computer simulator. When flying the actual RC plane, they can learn more about the dynamics and forces of flight. Having youth suggest various jobs this RC plane could do to benefit mankind will allow further exploration of potential unmanned aerial vehicle/systems careers.

Snaptricity Stem Kit

Snaptricity Stem Kit (Aviation)

Youth use hands-on activities to explore how electricity and magnetism is used in daily items as well as demonstrate the workings of magnetic fields, electricity, parallel circuits, and switches. Using this kit can spark an interest in becoming an electrician, engineer, and/or scientist. But, the connection to aviation is powerfully strong when looking at the avionics (or electronic systems) of an airplane. This use is also very evident in satellites and spacecraft. All types of communications systems in aviation and space include the integration of avionic systems.

Astronomy Stem Kit

Astronomy Stem Kit (Space)

This kit will bring the opportunity to begin an interest in space and observational astronomy that can be carried over into family and community stargazing evenings with the assistance of area American Astronomical Society (AAS) clubs. For beginning astronomers to experienced stargazers, these lightweight, portable Celestron telescopes in the Astronomy STEM Kit will work well with cadets and/or students.

Hydraulic Engineering Stem Kit

Hydraulic Engineering Stem Kit (Space)

Hydraulic systems are used in aviation, particularly in the landing gear of aircraft. One may wonder, though, with the three parts of a hydraulic system (pump, cylinder, and fluid), if hydraulics work in space. Hydraulics (and the associated fluids) not only work in space, they currently play an essential role in the operation of space vehicles and the International Space Station. Of course, everything is more complicated in space, but that is the beauty of working with such a simple hydraulics kit. Youth can work with the simple hydraulic machines and then use their imagination and math calculations to design hydraulic systems that can be used in space travel, as well as living and working in space for the future.

Renewable Energy Stem Kit

Renewable Energy Stem Kit (Space)

The K'nex Renewable Energy STEM Kit will bring a hands-on approach to the understanding of solar, hydro, and wind energy. Youth will be able to demonstrate force, motion, work, and power. This kit allows participants to work cooperatively while building, problem-solving, discussing, designing, and evaluating energy sources. When this kit is used on earth, the typical aspects of wind, solar, and hydro power can be anticipated. But, when one puts the space environment into the equation, this kit takes on a whole new realm of possibilities

Robotics Stem Kit

Robotics Stem Kit (Space)

Getting started with the Robotics STEM Kit will intrigue and engage cadets, students, and adults in an exciting manner with endless possibilities for extension. Many youth have found creative ways to use the robotic arm, as any cadets or students will most probably do when experimenting with this kit. This beginning project can lead to involvement in national competitions such as FIRST, BEST, Botball, VEX, National Underwater Robotics and others. Youth can explore careers in robotics to include manufacturing, unmanned space exploration, prosthetic engineering, and other medical applications.

Rocketry Stem Kit

Rocketry Stem Kit (Space)

The Rocketry STEM Kit provides "beginning" Alpha III rockets. Beginning with foam or bottle rockets is great, but getting to launch engine-propelled rockets will give just about any young person (and adult) a thrill to investigate repeated rocket experiments. Of course, the desire to build bigger, multi-stage rockets will naturally follow! Rocketry has long been the transportation pathway into space. The use of rocket propulsion when in space is paramount for movement in micro-gravity environments. Learning about the uses of rocketry for space travel and exploration will enhance the use of this kit with youth.

Weather Station Stem Kit (Space)

With the Acu-Rite Professional Weather Station STEM Kit, learners can measure rainfall, barometric pressure, wind speed, and more. Weather on Earth is connected to space weather occurring in the ionosphere, just as forces and objects in space affect weather on Earth. Learning to use the data retrieved from the weather station may help youth build a interest in a career in meteorology or other atmospheric studies. Using the weather station can also help determine wind speed and direction that will aid in launching model rockets and hot air balloons, as well as help in flight planning for an upcoming flight.

Bee Bot Stem Kit

Bee-Bot/Code & Go Mouse Stem Kit (Cyber)

The Bee-Bot/Code & Go Mouse STEM Kit is an exciting kit designed to teach young children entry-level, hands-on coding principles. This kit offers a great opportunity for older youth to teach younger students beginning coding skills. The possibilities are endless! This early computer coding kit allows young children to apply skills, such as sequencing, estimation, control, and problem-solving, as they begin a path to early cyber knowledge.

Kano Stem Kit

Kano Stem Kit (Cyber)

With the Kano STEM Kit, cadets and students can build their own computer with an easy, step-by-step instruction book and learn how every part works along the way. They will also learn how to code through involvement with over 100 games, challenges, and stories. Through simple steps, youth will type code, drag blocks, and learn Python, JavaScript and Terminal commands. Youth will be totally involved in their own software development, helping to prepare their minds for the future. With the safe Kano World online community, budding cyber experts are only a few clicks away.

Raspberry Pi Stem Kit

Raspberry Pi Stem Kit (Cyber)

Raspberry Pi is a single-board micro-computer that promotes the teaching of basic computer science. This tiny, affordable computer can be used to learn programming through fun, practical projects. The Raspberry Pi STEM Kit has several add-ons to provide cadets with a variety of approaches to learn about programming and coding on a computer. Cadets will use introductory lessons to begin the process of cultivating their knowledge about computer science as they learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python. After mastering these skills, cadets will be able to use previously gained wisdom to explore new avenues in the cyber world.

Sphero Stem Kit

Sphero Mini/Sphero SPRK+ Stem Kit (Cyber)

The Sphero Mini/Sphero SPRK+ STEM Kit is more than a robot kit; it's a learning experience that inspires cadets and students through its interactive applications. Each is a small orb wrapped in polycarbonate plastic, capable of rolling around, changing colors, running programs, and being controlled by a smartphone or tablet. This mini robot will help youth apply skills, such as sequencing, estimation, control, and problem-solving, as they begin a path to early cyber knowledge.