Cadet 1st Lieutenant

1.   General Advancement Pre-Requisites  (Ref: CAPR 60-1, 5.2.3)
Be a current CAP cadet, as shown in eServices.
Possess a CAP uniform and wear it properly.
Be able to recite the Cadet Oath from memory.
Participate actively in unit meetings.
Have spent a minimum of 8 weeks (56 days) as an Achievement 10 graduate, unless eligible for a JROTC accelerated promotion (see CAPR 60-1,

2.   Leadership:
Pass an online test on Learn to Leadchapter 11, with a grade of 80% or higher, open-book.
Serve in any cadet support staff position.
As part of the Staff Duty Analysis, write a technical document, choosing one of eight formats: resume, background paper, advocacy paper, operations plan, budget, media package, after action review, or personal leadership plan.
Also as part of the SDA, brief an audience for 10-15 minutes, using your technical document as a jumping-off point.
To conclude your SDA, discuss your staff service, technical document, and oral briefing with your senior mentor.

3.   Aerospace:
Pass an online test on a 3-chapter block of Aerospace: Journey of Flight, with a grade of 80% or higher, open-book.
You make take the 3-chapter block tests in any order.

Corresponding Module in Aerospace DimensionsStudy chapters in Aerospace: Journey of Flight
1 – Introduction to Flight1, 7, 8
2 – Aircraft Systems & Airports2, 9, 10
3 – Air Environment3, 18, 19
4 – Rockets4, 21, 23
5 – Space Environment5, 24, 25
6 – Spacecraft6, 26, 27

Cadets must complete one test during each of the following achievements: 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, and 16, for a total of six tests during Phases III and IV.

Cadets should study the Aerospace: The Journey of Flight chapters that most closely match the Aerospace Dimensions module being studied by the cadets they are mentoring or instructing.

Some chapters in Aerospace: The Journey of Flight (11-17, 20, 22) are not included in the course of study for cadets.

4.   Fitness:
Have attained the Healthy Fitness Zone (HFZ) in the Cadet Physical Fitness Test (CPFT), within the previous 180 days, under the “run plus 2 out of 3” rule.

(20m laps)
Sit & Reach
(avg. inches)
18 +8.045424188
(20m laps)
Sit & Reach
(avg. inches)
18 +9.223818712

5.   Character:
Participate in at least 1 character activity in the squadron.

Fulfilling the promotion eligibility requirements above is only half the battle.  You also need to show that you have some leadership skills.  Look at the goals below and once in a while ask yourself how well you’re doing in those areas.

Conscious of own performance; takes initiative to develop new skills; self-motivated and able to motivate others

Core Values
Fair, just, and consistent in dealing with subordinates; exercises good judgment in knowing which matters should be referred up the chain

Communication Skills
Writes and speaks clearly; presents ideas logically; wins through persuasion

Sense of Responsibility
Given an assignment, takes project from beginning to end; develops appropriate goals, plans, standards, and follows through in execution; demonstrates sense of ownership in all assignments

Interpersonal Skills
Actively mentors NCOs; resolves conflicts fairly; criticizes constructively; dissents respectfully when disagreeing with superiors

Critical Thinking
Thinks in advance and plans ahead to meet the unit’s short-term needs; imaginative and not tied to old ideas

Delegation Skills
Delegates routine tasks effectively and works through NCOs; keeps people informed; makes expectations clear; supervises work of other leaders

Flight commander, cadet staff officer, cadet deputy commander, or cadet commander